The climate crisis has to be a key issue
in the European election campaign

European elections in 2024

In this election year,
European Grandparents for Climate
is pulling out all the stops.
On this page we try to keep an overview.

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Our aim

The European Grandparents for Climate association is a politically independent European umbrella organisation of national, regional and local organisations of seniors engaged in the fight against climate change. 

We promote and share at the European and international level ideas, actions and concerns for a liveable world for the next generations. (Read more about us on the EGC-website)

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Our campaign vote4future mainly addresses the European elections, starting from the following observations:

  • The climate crisis should be one of the key issues in the 2024 European elections.
  • We all have a direct stake in stronger and socially-just climate policies that include everyone.
  • The voice of the elderly counts. They are a significant part of the electorate.
  • Grandparents have the right and the guts to stand up boldly and empathetically for their grandchildren.
  • The generations after us may not vote now, but they will be affected by our voting behaviour. It is only fair that we take them into account.
  • A large majority, globally and in Europe, are in favour of stronger climate policies, even if it would mean a reduction in their income. We realise too little that there are many of us who think this way. The majority, actually.


bookmark in Finland

We issued a free bookmark in several languages. It is distributed in libraries, book shops, it is available at organisations and of course you can contact your local member.

The international version (in English) can be ordered through

Whistle Blowing event: 31 May

vote4future poster

At noon of Friday 31 May, seniors have addressed their Parliaments in Brussels, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Bern, The Hague, Amsterdam, Leiden, Vienna, Munich and Lübeck. A press release is available through this link.

Some impressions:

National campaigns

logo's of various senior climate organisations

The member organisations are running their own election campaign

These include:


Observers say that the climate crisis is not an issue in this election. Grandparents think otherwise. The climate crisis should be the key theme.

Because the 2024 elections will have a huge influence on the conditions in which today’s grandchildren and the unborn will soon have to live. Our voting choices will have an impact far beyond the next few years, say, for the next 2024 years. That is an awesomely long period and accordingly an awesomely large responsibility in the voting booth.

We, the older, can make a difference. Let’s make use of our power. Because we care about grandchildren, because we love them.

The European Green Deal
should be reinforced, not weakened

The climate crisis is linked to problems such as pollution, inequality and the loss of biodiversity (to name a few). These life-changing questions are on everyone’s mind. We should expect politicians to take bold positions, and we will hold them accountable.

Our campaign image illustrates the essence: our grandchildren are asking us to vote in their interests, more so, in the interests of their descendants. They cannot vote, we can. They will bear the consequences of our voting behaviour, we (hopefully) far less.


The way you vote in 2024 may have an impact for maybe the next 2024 years.

Vote for your grandchildren

Show how much you care about all the grandchildren of the world and those of the future.

Vote the way they expect you to vote, so that their future gets a fair chance.

You are not alone in this

Globally, a large majority believes that governments need to do more to address the climate crisis – but, curiously, most of us do not realise that we are so many to believe this.

People thinking governments must do more to combat climate change, actually are the majority

We know

Things are going badly wrong, no doubt anymore. We need to stop polluting and emitting. Unjust inequalities must be eliminated. Biodiversity must flourish again. These problems are linked and they will determine life for many generations to come.

We expect climate policies from our governments that are muscular. We will not let this opportunity to make that clear.

We feel

We are already feeling the impact of the climate crisis. Everyone is feeling the threat, each in her/his/their own way. Because we cannot swim against the current or because we cannot handle it alone. Fortunately, we are not alone and we can do something with that feeling. It can become a good feeling. Because we care about their future.

Campaign materials

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